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Re: [M] 5.0 Throttle Body on XR

> This will be of no use untill your head, intake, air meter and turbo
> the throttle body. Just upgrading this one part will not make power. Also
> throttle body will be fooling the computer, by letting in more air than
> position of the TPS would indicate. Having said all that here goes;
> I've heard that the throttle body from one of the modular engines will
> up easier, but I haven't checked it out yet.
> John C.
> http://members.aol.com/jchristou/carpics.html

What he said.....and...

The 95 4.6 GT throttle body has;
A better TPS.
A better, high speed, IAC.
All the stuff mounted in the correct places.
and a HUGE opening.
Only slight enlargement of the mounting holes is necessary.
The senders all have different connectors, so you'll need to change the
The blending into the top of the intake manifold will still present a
challenge though.

Tiny Avenger 3 due out in Dec's MM&FF mag, will tell whether throttle body
enlargement was a help.