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RE: Fuel Tank

There is a vent tube on the top of the tank.  It is connected to a
plastic vacuum line which runs to the charcoal canister in the engine
compartment. (black rectangular box, just below the air meter)  Check
for leaks in this line.  The rubber connector between the tank and
plastic line gets hard and brittle with age, and will crack - mine did.
I was getting a strong smell of fuel near the back of the car, but not

STeve Leiding

>From: 	Jeff Dalbec[SMTP:jdalbec@cisco.com]
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>Subject: 	Fuel Tank
>Lately I've been having problems with the smell of gas  inside my car after
>refueling. When I fill the tank to half  I don't smell any thing but any
>more than half  I can start to smell gas. And If  I fill it so it's full
>the smell of gas so bad it drives me out of the car. I've tried everything
>I even dropped the tank and everything looked ok. Could there be a vent
>tube or hose that I
>missed, has anyone else had this problem help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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