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Re: Magazines

In a message dated 97-10-02 17:48:29 EDT, you write:

<< SVO8ntno50@aol.com wrote:
 > I'll agree with the fact that there needs to be more info published on the
 > 2.3 turbo for us but the fact of the matter is that we are a very small
 > compared to the 5.0 group and the aftermarket supports the 5.0 much more
 > the 2.3.
 Yeah, I think the stuff that MM&FF is already doing is about as good as
 it's going to get.  Thanks to the Tbirds and GT turbos, though, there
 are a lot of 2.3Ts out there.  We have the potential to become a much
 bigger force in the aftermarket than we are now, if people realized
 the potential of these motors.  When I bought my SVO in 1987, I felt
 just like Bud, and was resigned to watching the 5.0s drag racing, and
 never thinking I had a chance at competing with them.  Back then, the
 fast EFI street 5.0s were only running high 13s.  If I had know then...
 Anyway, I think there would be a lot of interest in 2.3Ts if there were
 more of us running around, running harder than people expect for the
 amount of money we've got in the car.  I think it could happen...there's
 a jillion 87+ NA 2.3 Mustangs out there that people might play with
 once they realize they can be as fast as a 5.0 with junkyard parts.
 If it caught on big, THEN we'd get all the magazine attention we could
 ever want, but it's up to us to get the ball rolling, and I know that
 those of us on this list are already doing all we can.  It's just a
 matter of convincing enough other people...with your tail-lights if
 necessary ;-).

   I agree with you both. In all actuality, Ford does make a pretty nice 2.3
block, the aluminum one (heh, not legal for use on pollution controlled
vehicles in CA but who'd know the dif?). I had considered buying one when the
2.3 in my '87 LX started expiring. But, like all things, economy put a stop
to that sooo in went the '88 TC 2.3 and all the other TC goodies needed to
make the car legal in CA.

   Here's a nice tidbit of info I have for any of the non-turbo 2.3 owners...
I spoke with Walter Marcy, of All American Mustang
(www.allamericanmustang.com), a few weeks ago when ordering some Cobra R rims
for my '95 GTS. I mentioned to him that I had the '87 LX and he mentioned
something to me about an idea they were mulling over. It involved them
developing and marketing a complete supercharger/turbo kit for the NA 2.3
Mustangs. I know I found the prospects of this extremely appealing. I'd love
to see them go through with this. Maybe they will if they get enough positive
feedback on the idea. Though I doubt any of you would be interested since
your engines sport forced induction from the factory. :D

'87 LX powered by an '88 TC 2.3
'95 GTS