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Re: Magazines

TrboLXI4@aol.com wrote:

>    Here's a nice tidbit of info I have for any of the non-turbo 2.3 owners...
> I spoke with Walter Marcy, of All American Mustang
> (www.allamericanmustang.com), a few weeks ago when ordering some Cobra R rims
> for my '95 GTS. I mentioned to him that I had the '87 LX and he mentioned
> something to me about an idea they were mulling over. It involved them
> developing and marketing a complete supercharger/turbo kit for the NA 2.3
> Mustangs. I know I found the prospects of this extremely appealing. I'd love
> to see them go through with this. Maybe they will if they get enough positive
> feedback on the idea. Though I doubt any of you would be interested since
> your engines sport forced induction from the factory. :D

Even if we don't want the kit, they may come up with fuel system
electronics and software that we'd want.  Nobody is falling over
themselves at this point to take care of us...Mike Wesley sort of
tried with his mass air system.