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Re: SVO Wheels weight.

A heavy 16 X 7 aftermarket wheel can be in the 23 to 25 pound area. Extremely
lightweight forged and 3-piece 16 X 8's will be 16 to 17 pounds. I'm real
familiar with weights of 16 X 8 wheels from various manufacturers and
fabricators because I just finished a quest to find some light road race wheels
( light meaning under 18 pounds ) that won't set me back $600 per corner.

I'd be surprised if the SVO wheels exceeded 25 pounds. Tires are heavy too, a
245/45-16 BFG R1 is 24.5 pounds. Street tires can be even heavier for the same
size. Hoosier road race and autox tires are feather light, the 255/50-16
Hoosiers on John Ames' Camaro are barely 16 pounds each.

Gary Morrell

On Oct 3, 16:20, Tim Smith wrote:
> Subject: SVO Wheels weight.
> Hi All
>    Could these wheels really be 60 lbs ea?
> Can someone please confirm this?
>                                              Tim
>-- End of excerpt from Tim Smith