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is a 16x8 the biggest you can find to stuff in there?  I'm thinking 
of moving mine to ESP from FS (can't hurt!), and would need to get 
new wheels anyway.  What did you end up with? 
Speaking of this fantasy project, my imagination is that the ESP rules 
might work our favorably for the SVO, for someone serious enough to pursue it. 
a) wheels are free; 
b) intercoolers are free; 
c) exhaust is free; 
d) springs are free; 
I'm imagining improved intercooling and exhaust getting up to the 240-250 hp 
range, removing the a/c, putting on 245s or 255 R1s, sub frame connectors, 
and lowered/progrssive springs might very well find the 3-4s that are missing. 
what does anyone else think? 

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A heavy 16 X 7 aftermarket wheel can be in the 23 to 25 pound area. Extremely
lightweight forged and 3-piece 16 X 8's will be 16 to 17 pounds. I'm real
familiar with weights of 16 X 8 wheels from various manufacturers and
fabricators because I just finished a quest to find some light road race wheels
( light meaning under 18 pounds ) that won't set me back $600 per corner.

I'd be surprised if the SVO wheels exceeded 25 pounds. Tires are heavy too, a
245/45-16 BFG R1 is 24.5 pounds. Street tires can be even heavier for the same
size. Hoosier road race and autox tires are feather light, the 255/50-16
Hoosiers on John Ames' Camaro are barely 16 pounds each.

Gary Morrell

On Oct 3, 16:20, Tim Smith wrote:
> Subject: SVO Wheels weight.
> Hi All
>    Could these wheels really be 60 lbs ea?
> Can someone please confirm this?
>                                              Tim
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