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Re: Magazines

I'm gonna do this soon.   In less than 6 months, over 100 2.3 Turbo owners
have congregated here.

I fully intend to drive the 2.3 engine down the throat of it's nay-sayers.

Turbo Magazine is specifically targetted here.  I used to read that thing
like a bible, when I did my turbo Capri.  But, the 5.0 and GN just killed
us.  And truthfully, there was nothing to report.  They have ignored us for
too long.

That said, most 2.3 vendors suck, and haven't had product to sell, so the
mags have no advertising revenue to attract the attention.  That is the way
it works, ya know, this is a Capitalist country. 

If you guys want to come up with a name for "the Club" we have going here,
I'll cull all your posts and forward them on to all the relevant rags, uh,
I mean mags.

I believe the 2.3 is entering a renassaince (sp?) like no other engine has
ever seen.  All the pieces are in place.  Keep the faith.


> From: FFASTSVO@aol.com
> To: Mustang SVO Mailing List <SVO@SmartWorx.com>
> Subject: Re: Magazines
> Date: Friday, October 03, 1997 5:53 PM
> In a message dated 97-10-03 05:54:27 EDT, SVO8ntno50@aol.com writes:
> << Go after MMFF, Maybe if enough of us send the message to them via
> they
>  might at least respond or better, give us what we want. >>
>  I think we should A) Write a nice formal letter about this subject and
> growing market of 2.3li turbo performance to MM&FF as a group (the SVO
> list) or B) we each write a letter, covering the topics in which we all
> included and flood their e-mail box!   Any contributing writers out
> -Eric