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Mark, MMondrone@aol.com , writes:
>What do we want the club name to symbolize, the SVO or the 2.3 ?

Paul, SVO8ntno50@aol.com, writes:
>I don't know, this is a tough one but I'm not shy, I'll give it a stab
>but will keep working on it.
>Idea 1) (NFFFC) National Forced Four Ford Club
>Maybe good,bad, don't know but like I said, I'll keep working on it.
>Not everyone here has an SVO so I think it only fair to have the name
>reflect the 2.3 Turbo Ford. anyone agree/disagree??

Here's some thoughts:

1)  THE MORE THE MERRIER.  What about including Merkurs too?  
     Weren't there some pre/non-SVO/non-TC applications of the 2.3 turbo?
     I thought I remembered seeing some Mustangs and even Fairmonts with
     hood bulges labeled "Turbo" somewhere in my hazy past.  My general
     sense of this is the SVO was an elevation of the existing 2.3 turbo 
     technology, as was the 190 hp/240 lbs. torque TC motor, over the
     stock SVO power plant.  

     Anyhow, the point is that the more people which are included the
     more potential (read after-market $$$$ for vendors to snif) we can

2)  Paul, thanks for getting the discussion started with NFFFC. 
     Continuing the thrust from above, whatever comes of this consider
     swapping the N for an I for International, or for a W for World. 
     other lists have owners (or aspiring owners) across this shrinking
     One of my favorite e-mail moments was a real-time discussion with 
     someone in Australia who also owned a '68 big-block GT fastback 
     Mustang with a top-loader.  Major bonding!

     Ford is a global player.  Let's use the whole stage if we're going
     to put on a show!


'68 Mustang GT 390 Fastback:  Top-loader, 3.73
'88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe:  T-5, 3.55
'95 Windstar LX:  *****safety rating