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Mustang notchback and early hatch weights

I had the opportunity to weigh a few cars a little while ago, and was told
the list might be interested in hearing the results.

I weighed the following:

1978 Pinto hatchback (my car!!!)
gutted interior - just vinyl seats
10 hole 5.0 rims/225 tires
PS, C-3 automatic, 8" rear, anti-roll bars, and '88 TC motor.
2600 w/full tank of gas

1981 Capri hatch (non-bubble)
full interior (pace car seats)
PS, PB, air, tilt, cruise
2.3, SROD 4-speed, 7.5 rear
no rear anti-roll bar
2800 w/full tank of gas

1980 Mustang Coupe (trunk model)
full interior/cloth seats
13" American Racing steel rims
no rear anti-roll bar, 7.5 rear
2.3, C-3 automatic, PS
2640 w/ 3/8 tank of gas