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A/C stuff

is Bob Caldrone(I think) the A/C tech still out there? or anyone else who
knows a fair amount about A/C?
my escort.  Got it about a year ago, ac empty.  Did R134 conversion over
the summer, and the compressor would only work if hotwired.  Found the
problem to be the little controller box in the dashboard.  Replaced that
and recharged, and it worked fine for about 2 days till it all leaked out.
then I got  a sniffer and found the problem to be a hole in the
evaporator>:|   Spent labor day weekend fixin that.  A/C worked fine until
last weekend, when I noticed it was short cycling nearing the end of a 3
hour trip.  Figureing the charge was low, I put another can in, didnt
help. Put one more can in, still didn't help.  Does the pressure switch on
an Escort have a hi and low pressure cutout? jus a hi pressure? low
pressure?I do know that it only has one switch though, that is in the
But heres how it works.  If i go out to the car and turn on the a/c, it
starts normal, and does a complete first cycle.  Then once the compressor
kicks off(ending the first cycle), it immediatley starts to short cycle),
as in the cycles are at most 2 seconds long.
I am told its prolly overcharged(wouldn't doubt it now after putting 2
cans more than what was alreadfy in there) but  it seems strange that it
would take a month for it to start acting up in the first place.
I am wondering if there is anyhting else it could be? I doubt it could be
the compressor goin out, but could it be?  maybethe seals are shot in it
and its not keeping the pressure hi enuff to keep the switch closed?  I
think the fact that it gets one long complete cycle at first before short
cycling may be improtant though.

->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
->86 Escort..A/C, tinted windows, Alloy wheels, 5 speed, good shape 
->85 Merkur--Someone get this Escort of mine! I WANNA DRIVE MY MERK:)