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Re: Magazines

Dave Compton wrote:

> If you guys want to come up with a name for "the Club" we have going here,
> I'll cull all your posts and forward them on to all the relevant rags, uh,
> I mean mags.

I think we need to decide if this is an SVO group, or a 2.3T group.
Even though it started as an SVO thing, my vote would be for the latter.
You've got the SVOOA taking care of people's SVO concerns (that aren't
on this list), and you've got Tbird and Merkur groups for those
specific issues, but what the world needs is a group to speak specifically
for everyone who wants to "hot-rod" the 2.3T because many of the model-
specific groups are more oriented toward maintenance of the car as a
collectors item.  I think this is the right group to fill that niche,
and to represent us to the performance world, including the magazines.