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RE: Magazines

Does this mean you think we should call the "club" 
"The 2.3L Turbo Hod Rodders Association" ?

84 SVO, Silver

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>Dave Compton wrote:
>> If you guys want to come up with a name for "the Club" we have going here,
>> I'll cull all your posts and forward them on to all the relevant rags, uh,
>> I mean mags.
>I think we need to decide if this is an SVO group, or a 2.3T group.
>Even though it started as an SVO thing, my vote would be for the latter.
>You've got the SVOOA taking care of people's SVO concerns (that aren't
>on this list), and you've got Tbird and Merkur groups for those
>specific issues, but what the world needs is a group to speak specifically
>for everyone who wants to "hot-rod" the 2.3T because many of the model-
>specific groups are more oriented toward maintenance of the car as a
>collectors item.  I think this is the right group to fill that niche,
>and to represent us to the performance world, including the magazines.