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Club Name

I think the club name should be simple and encompass all of the vehicles.

How about Turbo Ford Club of America.  
I know its not too glitsy, and perhaps not as stunning as Fast Funking
Fords but, maybe it will work!  

My main point is that members of this list represent all of the Turbo 2.3
vehicles.  Many members of this list, are owners of cars other than the
SVO, and are even members of other enthusiast lists, like the International
Merkur Owners List.  We _will_ be best represented by a name that stands
for all Turbo 2.3's.  Imagine how sucessful the Merkur campaign would have
been if they had classified their cars seperately as Scorps, XR4Ti's, and
lemons ;-)

If we want to make an image for ourselves, we have to band together.