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 The last time I filled up I put some fuel injector cleaner in the tank, I
didn't notice it at first but towards the end of that tank I was hearing
some detonation, or at least what I think is detonation.  Just as the boost
spikes fairly low in the power band, I hear a slight clatter or sort of
ticking, is this detonation?  Its just there for a second and then goes away
until the next gear.

I checked my timing and backed it off to about 8 or 9 from about 11, and
also reduced my boost from about 18 to 16,  filled up the tank with 93oct.
and I am still hearing the noise.  I really don't ever remember hearing this
during the summer although the a/c was on possibly masking it but I doubt
that I never would have noticed it.

Could the injector cleaner have clogged up the fuel filter?  Coming back
from lunch I reconnected my knock sensor, but traffic kept me from really
getting on it, so I can't say for certain if the noise or detonation went

Tonight I plan to change oil, and fuel filter, hopefully I can figure this
out now that the weather will be cooling off soon I'd like to be able to use
the power.

BTW its a XR (no octane switch), with an intercooler.