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Re: Magazines

Scott Shidel... wrote:

> man Carl, yer too serious:)
> But anyhow, if its a prob with the pistons, you could toss a set of OE
> turbo pistons in for less than a stroker kit.  Pistons are what, like 30
> bux ea. from Ford?

Well...yeah...but I'm sure as heck not pulling a whole motor just to
put different pistons in.  I have this theory that if I'm going to
go to a lot of work to do something, then I'm going to spend the
money at the same time to fully maximize the performance of that
component.  Otherwise I'd just as soon not hassle with it.  But
that's just me ;-).  Unfortunately, my budget hasn't allowed me
to go whole hog with anything but the exhaust and clutch so far...

Speaking of whole hog...I'm not thinking I'd want to go with the
Motorsport aluminum tall-deck block and aluminum head even if I
had the money, just because of the hassles (?) of dealing with
aluminum, and wondering if the intake and throttle body would
clear the hood 5/8" higher.  Any thoughts from anyone?  It seems
like it would be tough to justify the cost of the aluminum parts
when you could do 90% as much with cast iron stuff for probably
less than half the money.