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TFI fix

        Ok guys.  I thought someone would have mentioned this by now after
all these TFI failures, but I'll say it now.  Mounting the TFI on the
disrtibutor was an "Engineering Miscalculation".  In other words, Ford
f*cked up!  That is why they are being investigated by some agency that
deals with this stuff (can't remember their name).  They are trying to force
a recall on all cars with TFI, but the forced recall can only go back 8
years (will only cover back to `89).  Autoweek has an article on it this
week if anyone is interested.

        Now for the point of all this.  If you want to save your TFI,
relocate it.  This is an old trick that some racers used (found out from a
guy that used to race Escorts).  Basically, go to an electronics supply
store, and buy an aluminum heatsink approximately the same size as the TFI
(width the same, but height taller).  Then, get an aluminum plate (about
5"x5" i think) and mount the TFI and the heatsink to it (use dielectric
grease of course).  Now, mount this assembly to the fenderwell somewhere,
but make sure it is to metal as it needs to be grounded.  Now, get 3 wires
and make a set of jumper leads with blade connectors to connect to the
distributor to the TFI.  Use wire with the least resistance possible to
eliminate bad signals.  Use silicone to seal the distibutor port.and make
sure all connections are tight and correct.  This will keep the TFI nice and
cool, and have a long, happy life.  If this sounds to easy, that's because
it is.  It's so easy, just about everyone missed it :)

                                                Long live the TFI!
                                        Bug Bug