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>         Ok guys.  I thought someone would have mentioned this by now after 
> all these TFI failures, but I'll say it now.  Mounting the TFI on the 
> disrtibutor was an "Engineering Miscalculation". 
In defense, what they did might have been a reasonable tradeoff.  Keeping 
the tradtional location avoided some extra wiring, and the mass of the 
distributor probably made it look like a perfectly good heat sink base. 
They lose points for forgetting how much block heat was going to soak 
into the distributor under prolonged load, and for how sensitive the  
TFIs turned out to be to heat. 
It might be the case that the distributor is sinking heat into the TFI 
under prolonged operation rather than the other way around!  The best 
silicon grease in the world won't improve that situation much... 
BTW, I just changed my TFI because of an intermittent surging, and the TPS 
because of wandering idle.   Miracles -- both are now fine, though I *hate* 
having to prick the TPS wires with a pin to calibrate it.  In 133k miles, 
that's the second replacement each for the TFI and TPS. 
Changed the TFI in my wife's LTD once; never in the Explorer.