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Re: TFI Module -- Additional Symptoms

My TFI went out after driving on the highway for a while during a Road Trip
one winter. I got off the freeway and the engine began to spit and sputter
as I was on surface streets.

I pulled over and it so happened that while I was trying to figure out what
was wrong (I found nothing with a poke under the hood) the engine cooled
enough to where it would start. Ran fine until it got warm again. If I was
moving I was fine. If I was at a stop light it would sputter.

So it never actually died unless I didn't nurse the gas -- it would just
spit and sputter and backfire.

After a muffler shop decided the cat wasn't clogged they said I needed a
tune-up. After the tune-up place replaced everything and it still didn't
run, I towed it to the dealer. (I couldn't get a hold of the Guru -- I have
his cell-phone number handy now.)

The dealer charged me I don't know how much (I'll have to dig up the
receipts) they replaced the TFI and plug wires, etc.

That was about 6 years and 50,000 miles ago and things have been fine
since...with the TFI that is. 

So apparrently the engine compartment heated-up just a little (a Southern
California winter means about 55 degrees out) but enough to cause a problem
with the TFI.

Just thought I'd spit and sputter that out as they don't always give out

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue SVO -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
http://www.mustangsvo.org ***  http://www.fordcarclubs.org