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Door hinge kits

Hi all, What's involved in changing the door hinge bushings on the fox
cars? Does the fender or door hafta come off or can you drive out the
pins with it on?



1.. I R&R'd my bad wastegate acuator this past weekend. WOW that's what
boost feels like? It only took a few hours to take it off the turbo in
the car.

2.. I bought the newer plastic coil cover. It fits but I think it is a
little different. It's listed buy Ford as something to do with the air
bag sticker on it (for `93 and up?). The sticker is cool :-) I took it
off the cover, put on the correct `84 SVO vaccum decal and them moved
the air bag sticker up by the A/C sticker. Vola! I now have air bags!