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RE: Door hinge kits

> >2.. I bought the newer plastic coil cover. It fits but I think it is
> a
> >little different. It's listed buy Ford as something to do with the
> air
> >bag sticker on it (for `93 and up?). The sticker is cool :-) I took
> it
> >off the cover, put on the correct `84 SVO vaccum decal and them moved
> >the air bag sticker up by the A/C sticker. Vola! I now have air bags!
> >
> Mike -- where'd you get the vacuum decal?
> Oh, I've got the same problem with my doors -- it looks like with the
> right
> tools you could do it by removing the inside fender well only, but I'm
> too
> lazy to have attacked it yet -- I've had the parts for 2 years!
	[Mike Ray]  

	I'll trade you info......

	Where do I get a "kit" for the door hinges?

	I got the sticker at the Ford show at Carlsile, PA (I don't
remember the name of the vendor). I however know that Jim @ PPI has
better quality ones than the one I got!

	For Jim... It took me 3 months to crawl under my car to do the
actuator, I understand the laziness factor quite well.

	For all... My work EMail server sucks! from time to time it
sends me an EMail with no text. A few folks from the list sent msgs last
week to me that arrived like this. If I didn't reply to your msg, I'm
sorry. I thought I'd let you all know this at once. I don't ignore mail,
I just don't always get it. If you don't hear from me, reEMail.

	PSS. I'd like to thank Chris in Conn for the cool sunroof bag
from his ex-`86 SVO. It works well :-) . Hint for the ultra lazy. take
off the single nylon strap (for those of you with sunroofs). Go to
walllllMart, buy velcro in thin strips and sew it to this strap. Then
you can feed it through (sp?) the buckle thing, pull and stick.