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List admin

> 	For all... My work EMail server sucks! from time to time it
> sends me an EMail with no text. A few folks from the list sent msgs last

The SVO Mail server is what's doing this.  Soon to be replaced.  Honest,
really!  It does it to me too. Just delete them.  And you're not losing
anything, it's an "extra".

BTW, to change your options regarding list mail see


for directions on sub'ing, un sub'ing, digesting (which doesn't work at the
moment) and NOMAIL for when you go on vacation, and don't want your mail
box to get full from list mail.

Remember 3 bounces (full mailbox, pickleheads in charge of your internet
mailbox, etc.) and I drop you, and you get to resub.

Can you tell I'm busy?

Can anybody write good CGI code?
Need some forms written for web admin stuff.