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RE: BROKE DOWN, need diagnostic.

I guess I've been lucky :-) 

I've had my SVO for 13 (of it's 14 years) and only had to replace the
TFI unit twice.

The first time was at 56K (1988, it was taken out when the distributor
decided to eat its internal workings).  The second time was last year
(135K).  In both cases the car was running fine, and just quit, wouldn't
restart, just sat there and cranked.  I had it towed (what a sick sight)
to the Ford dealer (lifetime warranty) and told them what was wrong, and
of course they had to confirm this.

and with the way the interval works out, it won't need replaced again
for 12 years  (4, 8, ......) ;-)

Only Ford TFIs used.................

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> John Garasimowicz wrote:
> > Remember Guys, when a TFI cuts out you get a code 14, intermittent
> PIP.
> > I've had as few as a couple of skips set this code. I would check
> the
> > fuel system first, then focus on ignition.
> You sound just like those guys at the Ford dealership back in '88.
> Except they were wrong.  The TFI CAN go out without setting a code.
> I don't know why, I just know it happens.  I wasted a heck of a lot
> of time focusing on the fuel system and ignition before my TFI
> finally did me the courtesy of going totally dead.
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