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Re: A Turbo 2.3 "Club"

 I think you've got it, the "Turbo 2.3 Club", and to think you didn't even
notice.By the way thanks for all your hard work and effort on getting and
keeping this list going.
At 11:12 AM 10/6/97 -0400, Dave Compton wrote:
>To all Ford Turbo 2.3 Owners:
>A thread developed on the Mustang SVO list, where we wanted to name the
>group that has come to gather there.  Since our members include those who
>don't have SVOs, the group grew to have a wider scope than just SVOs. 
>Current group purchase ideas, and heightened media recognition efforts, led
>us to discussing the possibility of creating such a group, that would
>include *all* turbo 2.3 owners.  Mustang SVO, Mustang GT Turbo, Thunderbird
>Turbo Coupe, Merkur XR4ti, and other carlines with transplanted turbos, and
>their owners, would be welcome to join this group.  
>Some suggested names for the "club" are below.
>Of those suggested, I really like;
>Forced Four Fords
>United Forced Ford Four Owners
>UFFFO  (personally I like this one the best, so far)  You can have a lot of
>fun with this one...
>I don't see any point in excluding any 2.3 Turbo engine owner in any car,
>and I would not support such a move.  Especially since our premier turbo
>envelope pusher is a Pinto owner!  I am referring to Joe Morgan.  And it
>DOES make a difference when I talk to vendors, and use Joe's car as an
>example of the potential power of our engines.  Racing regularly and
>running high 10s in the quarter, says something to the people I contact.
>And that is the whole purpose of naming the "club", to put the world on
>notice that we are here, we're united, and we're a "force" to be reckoned
>with.  And not just a lot of 
>"hot air"! HA!  I couldn't resist the pun!
>I'm going to move forward with implementing the club, so if you have any
>experience with organizing and running a club, please let me know if you
>can lend some help.
>I'm aware, that some may feel, that the toes of other clubs would be
>stepped on.  My intention is not to alienate other groups, or fragment the
>2.3 community.  Instead, I'm interesting in uniting us all under one common
>umbrella, so that the world WILL take notice of our presence.  
>To those who still feel that we would be duplicating, or intruding on the
>province of other clubs, I ask you this,  "Is there a club exclusively
>based only on Turbo 2.3 engine ownership?" and  "What has (insert club name
>here) done for you lately?"
>I'm certain that dues will be necessary to provide the level of service
>that would make this "club" worthwhile to belong to.
>If you support the idea of a Turbo 2.3 club, and would support it with
>membership, activism and dues paying, please let me know.  Any other
>comments will also be appreciated.