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RE: A Turbo 2.3 "Club"

So where are we at with the "Club".  Have we decided on a name. What
ever the name turns out to be,  I think it needs to sound professional,
if you want people to take us seriously.  "FFF" , "UF3O", or "UFFFO"
might not get taken to seriously by the Folks at "MM&FF" or any other
magazine.  Not to be critical just something I think we need to
Instead of "FFF" how about "Triple F Owners Association". TFOA
or "Ford 2.3L Turbo Owners Association". FTOA

Anyhow , I am all for getting this off the ground as soon as possible.

84 SVO, Silver

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> I think you've got it, the "Turbo 2.3 Club", and to think you didn't even
>notice.By the way thanks for all your hard work and effort on getting and
>keeping this list going.
>                                                                        Neil
>At 11:12 AM 10/6/97 -0400, Dave Compton wrote:
>>To all Ford Turbo 2.3 Owners:
>>A thread developed on the Mustang SVO list, where we wanted to name the
>>group that has come to gather there.  Since our members include those who
>>don't have SVOs, the group grew to have a wider scope than just SVOs. 
>>Current group purchase ideas, and heightened media recognition efforts, led
>>us to discussing the possibility of creating such a group, that would
>>include *all* turbo 2.3 owners.  Mustang SVO, Mustang GT Turbo, Thunderbird
>>Turbo Coupe, Merkur XR4ti, and other carlines with transplanted turbos, and
>>their owners, would be welcome to join this group.  
>>Some suggested names for the "club" are below.
>>Of those suggested, I really like;
>>Forced Four Fords
>>United Forced Ford Four Owners
>>UFFFO  (personally I like this one the best, so far)  You can have a lot of
>>fun with this one...
>>I don't see any point in excluding any 2.3 Turbo engine owner in any car,
>>and I would not support such a move.  Especially since our premier turbo
>>envelope pusher is a Pinto owner!  I am referring to Joe Morgan.  And it
>>DOES make a difference when I talk to vendors, and use Joe's car as an
>>example of the potential power of our engines.  Racing regularly and
>>running high 10s in the quarter, says something to the people I contact.
>>And that is the whole purpose of naming the "club", to put the world on
>>notice that we are here, we're united, and we're a "force" to be reckoned
>>with.  And not just a lot of 
>>"hot air"! HA!  I couldn't resist the pun!
>>I'm going to move forward with implementing the club, so if you have any
>>experience with organizing and running a club, please let me know if you
>>can lend some help.
>>I'm aware, that some may feel, that the toes of other clubs would be
>>stepped on.  My intention is not to alienate other groups, or fragment the
>>2.3 community.  Instead, I'm interesting in uniting us all under one common
>>umbrella, so that the world WILL take notice of our presence.  
>>To those who still feel that we would be duplicating, or intruding on the
>>province of other clubs, I ask you this,  "Is there a club exclusively
>>based only on Turbo 2.3 engine ownership?" and  "What has (insert club name
>>here) done for you lately?"
>>I'm certain that dues will be necessary to provide the level of service
>>that would make this "club" worthwhile to belong to.
>>If you support the idea of a Turbo 2.3 club, and would support it with
>>membership, activism and dues paying, please let me know.  Any other
>>comments will also be appreciated.