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Re: How to adjust Throttle Body

> Carl Haines wrote:
> > 
> > Does anybody know the correct procedure for adjusting the stop screw 
> > on the TB?
> > This is the screw that limits how much the throttle plate closes.  Does
> > anybody know how critical this adjustment is since the air bypass valve
> > handles the air flow at idle.
> I think it's kind of critical, because the computer seems to get confused
> if too much air is required from the air bypass valve to maintain the
> correct idle speed.  I don't know what the "best" idle speed is when the
> air bypass valve is disconnected, but I have the best luck with setting
> it at almost 1000RPM, and then setting the TPS at that throttle opening.
> -- 
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com

When I was trying to figure out what would be the correct way to adjust it,
I disconnected the bypass valve on my Contour.  It died.  It just would not
idle.  So, based on this result, I kind of figured that there would be a
different procedure than setting the idle speed w/ the bypass valve
connected.  I know this comparing my SVO w/ a Contour but I kind of figured
there would be some kind of consistency w/ settings on the two TBs.

BTW where should I set my TPS?  I have seen things go around the mustang
news group about setting it to about .990 v. 

Carl Haines