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Re: Intercoolers

Confusion is rampant!

The Rapido has lots of pipe and bends, this makes it worse than ANY IC
mounted ala SVO style.  It's also smaller and has smaller pipes.  Please
remember, this is an upgrade from no IC at all, for a stock car. 
UNDERSTAND that.  It's important.  Ken's car lost 3 tenths in the quarter
mile after installing it.  He was running a lot of boost.

Spearco does not make a Merkur IC, they make a core.  Nick makes a Merkur
bolt on IC.  If you can't weld aluminum, then a core will do you no good.  

The description below is from Spearco's catalog about the SVO intercooler. 
This is the best IC for an SVO.  It's also a $1000.  Next best is the Turbo
Coupe unit.

Please help to keep the facts straight here.  The text below was taken out
of context.  Also, please edit your replies.  Lately the messages are
getting pretty long.

> I *think* that there's a better design available from Spearco,
> rumored to have been designed by Nick.  Here's some info from
> their catalog as quoted by Neil Swanson on the Merkur list:
> "a thoroughly engineered system for stock or modified 2.3 turbos.  Big
> (Nicks' size) for engines that flow up to 700cfm or twice that of stock.
> At a stock rating of 205hp at 5000rpm the factory intercooler has a
> drop of 1.1psi.  The Spearco unit has a drop of .21psi.  This at stock
> pressures.  A charge air reduction of 160 degrees or 20 degrees above
> Spearco system will yeild a 16% hp increase at stock boost pressures. On
> modified engine producing 300hp or more it can add 40-50hp more.  Trying
to flow
> 300-400hp worth of air through a stock intercooler is an excersize in
> At high flow rates, pressure drop rises and intercooler effectiveness is
> reduced.  At high flow rates the stock cooler may only reduce charge air
> 40-50 degrees as opposed to more than 100 degrees with the larger unit".
> They have a chart showing efficiency and pressure drop with the stock and
> Spearco units at both 14 and 25psi boost pressures.
> Spearcos' phone number is 818-901-7851.   Spearco sells the cores for
> unit and Rapidos'.