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Re: Intercoolers

Dave Compton wrote:

> The description below is from Spearco's catalog about the SVO intercooler.
> This is the best IC for an SVO.  It's also a $1000.

So you're saying that it's totally separate from what Nick's done?
Somehow I thought they were related.  OK, I get it.  Nick uses the
same or a similar core from Spearco to make a Merkur specific IC...
> Please help to keep the facts straight here.  The text below was taken out
> of context.

Yeah, it was hard to keep track of what was Merkur specific and what
was SVO related.  Still, it's the only piece of information I've seen
with hard numbers on the stock IC versus anything else as far as flow
goes.  I assumed that made it of interest to us.  Sorry for any
confusion.  If anyone want to post any additional info from Spearco, 
I for one would be very interested. I wonder if there's any similar 
data available for the ETS inter/rad.