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Re: BROKE DOWN, need diagnostic.

Carl Morris wrote:
> John Garasimowicz wrote:
> > Remember Guys, when a TFI cuts out you get a code 14, intermittent PIP.
> > I've had as few as a couple of skips set this code. I would check the
> > fuel system first, then focus on ignition.
> You sound just like those guys at the Ford dealership back in '88.
> Except they were wrong.  The TFI CAN go out without setting a code.
> I don't know why, I just know it happens.  I wasted a heck of a lot
> of time focusing on the fuel system and ignition before my TFI
> finally did me the courtesy of going totally dead.
> --
> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com

     I agree with you, as I have replaced many TFI's. But amazing enough
many of them go over 100K miles without a problem. My point is "what
does it take in time to do a pressure and volume test on an EFI fuel
system" maybe a half hour at best. People here don't seem to talk much
about the fuel pressure regulator failures that are common in our
vintage Fords fuel system. When the diphragm fails raw fuel is pumped
into the intake through the vacuum line. I call this the "fifth"
injector. It is very destructive failure, as I dont like the thought of
a Turbo spinning on gas diluted oil. I've run into five of these, two
were missed by dealerships.

John Garasimowicz