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[1 Svo] 84 Headlight Covers

 I'd like a set of the Ford Motorsport 84 S.V.O. headlight covers.I have an
original set that has been cracked and glued in a few places.I also have
one of those G.T.S. brand sets.I would say that the Extang brand would rate
above those from G.T.S.I could be counted on for a set.
At 06:08 PM 10/7/97 -0400, Mike Ray wrote:
>Do you have any way of contacting the company?  Maybe they would be up
>to do a run of them iffin we got a few orders together? It's not like
>they'd have to design them again.
>I'd like a set too.
>Anybody else w/ an `84 interested in these?
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>> From:	Bud Morton [SMTP:rumoving@bellsouth.net]
>> Sent:	Thursday, October 02, 1997 12:56 PM
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>> Subject:	84 Headlight Covers
>> Hey guys..
>> I have a friend (who will shortly be owning a PC and online) who's
>> looking for some clear headlight covers that were produced by EXTANG
>> for
>> the 84/85 SVOs.
>> I've seen a set of these before. They look like the ones made by 'GTS'
>> but actually are a better design. They connect at the top and have
>> rounded edges.
>> Does anyone have a set they want to sell? Know of anyone who does?
>> From
>> what we've gathered, EXTANG no longer produces them....but what else
>> is
>> new for SVO parts :(
>> Thanks
>> Bud Morton
>> 86 SVO 2R
>> 85 SVO 4E