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[1 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Gary Morrell wrote:

> I'd like to know the reason for this as well.
> For most calibrations, 0.9V is above the threshold where the base tables
>  transition from idle -to- part throttle. I would expect this to improve
> driveability a bit, as richer mixtures almost always improve driveability, but
> there is extra fuel in the part throttle tables, and this will put extra load
> on the catalytic converter and could result in elevated HC's and a flunked
> emissions test.

I always worried about which was _the_ correct setting for the TPS...until
realizing that the TPS voltage is run through an ADC (analog to digital
converter). Talking to Mike Flemming, he told me that the eec relies on
the _relative_ values (or counts) of these ADC's....like 555 relative
counts of the TPS is WOT. Relative means that when the circuit is
initialized, if the voltage by the TPS is within "range", a relative 0
count is assigned to the eec. So to make a long story short, I don't think
it matters a whole bunch. Everything is relative to the initial voltage of
the TPS...I just set mine to about .990 and say "good enough."