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Re: exhaust

On Oct 7, 23:39, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: exhaust
> Re: How to adjust Throttle Body
> I think there is already an answer to this posted by Cory.

Actually, Cory's response was incorrect, I was going to post in more detail,
but Mike Fleming just responded, so the issue is solved.

> Gary,
> On a different note,  I was looking through the ATR catalog tonight
> and found that they make a dual 2.5" Y-pipe for your SHO.  You might
> already know about this but it is SS and does not have a Cat
> installed so it would be off-road use only. The cost was $249.00 plus
> shipping.  Just thought I would pass this information on to you.

I've seen this, I've even considered it, but I'd have to change the SHO's
exhaust routing, as I've converted it to a 2" dual from the cats rearward. I've
considered going to a large single exhaust, maybe 2.5 or 2.75", just to
simplify things a bit, as the dual is a pain and the crossover isn't, and can
never be optimally placed because of the transverse engine layout. If I ever
decide to strip the car and take it off road, I'll dump the cats.

> How is the planning of the Pueblo event coming?

Gary Phillis has targeted the last weekend in October, but he hasn't said
whether its Saturday or Sunday. I'll e-mail him this morning and see what's up.

Gary M.