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[3 Svo] BROKE DOWN, need diagnostic.


 I just replaced my new aftermarket (yes, there is a difference) with a
new Motorcraft unit. I ran my motor all summer long with the bad unit
and it did not seem to affect my coil at all (original '88 'stang 2.3L
car). I would not replace the coil until you have another problem, if
you suspect the coil you can change it out (borrow one) from any late
model Mustang. My car is finally happy enough to beat my brothers '93
Cobra, I just locked up the SCCA C-prepared trophy for the Cincy region.
The motor was "donated" out of an '88 T/C.

Replace it with a Motorcraft unit and you'll be happy for a long time.

Mike Guard
Cincy area, Fastest SCCA 2.3L CP Musatng
First day on the list

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> Subject: 	[2 Svo] BROKE DOWN, need diagnostic.
> AKLARION@aol.com wrote:
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> > There was some talk of TFIs failing...<snip>
> > I also was told by a fairly
> > reliable soarce that a failing module puts a lot of load on the coil
> and that
> > I should replace it also, I did.
> I was told the same thing by a dealer mechanic, so I did, too.
> I don't know whether there's anything to that or not...
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