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[5 Svo] BROKE DOWN, need diagnostic.

Guard, Mike K (GEAE) wrote: 
> My car is finally happy enough to beat my brothers '93 
> Cobra, I just locked up the SCCA C-prepared trophy for the Cincy region. 
> The motor was "donated" out of an '88 T/C. 
Cool!  So tell us more about the kind of racing you do.  Is this a 
road course kind of thing, or closer to autocross?  What kind of 
reliability problems have you had?  Have you done any mods to 
make more power...any hard numbers on how much they helped...etc.. 
Details interesting to me, having recently perused the CP rule set: 
	- how close to the 2450 min weight did you get? 
	- how limited do you feel with the 10" rim restriction, 
	    compared to the 12" on the V8s? 
	- what sort of mods have you done to get competitive? 
	- how do your times seem to be compared to national CP times 
	    for the big pounders?