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[89 Svo] 87 tbird running hot

On Thu, 9 Oct 97 00:49:18 UT "Ralph Linares" <SVOFAN1@classic.msn.com>
>Besides my 85 SVO, I bought an 87 TBIRD...great car......car seems
> to use the turbo all the time...

Mine does that too, but I think there could be some connection to my
foot.  :-)

>also I noticed that temp gauge bounces up and down..and I am not sure 
>but I think that the fan goes most of the time.  I changed the
>water pump and the radiator was changed about 8 months ago...

The temperatures will vary much more than in no-turbo cars.  However, the
fan going "most of the time" would be unusual.  Have you checked for
bubbles in your coolant?  There is a reason FoMoCo made replacement heads
for these engines; if you are running hot most of the time you could have
a cracked head.  Not good news, but you could be "forced" to put on
something which would give you more power if the stock head assembly
goes, or has gone.  :-}  ..."honey I HAD too..."


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