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[1 Svo] oil type revisted..

Hi all, sorry to ask again, I didn't get much response from the 1st 
post.. I'm getting ready to change the oil on my recently purchased 87 
Turbo coupe, and I was looking for oil type suggestions..

5w30? 10w30? synthetic or semi-synthetic or just plain oil? I'm worried 
with high miles, the motor will leak with synthetic..?

did anyone ever have to change the water hoses to the oil cooler on 
these car? it looks like you'd almost have to take the motor out..

Lastly, I have an unbelievable thumping under the front end of the car 
when I run over the slightest bumps.. I thought it was the struts, but 
they are less than a year old, could the front swaybar be making this 
constant 'thud'? you can feel it throughout the whole car, it's 
definately in the front.. any ideas?

thanks for all hints and tips..

jason k.

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