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[2 Svo] oil type revisted..

On Wed, 08 Oct 1997 "Jason Kuttner" <cdrmaster@hotmail.com> writes:
>Hi all, sorry to ask again, I didn't get much response from the 1st 
>post.. I'm getting ready to change the oil on my recently purchased 87 
>Turbo coupe, and I was looking for oil type suggestions..  5w30? 10w30?
> synthetic or semi-synthetic or just plain oil? I'm worried with high
>the motor will leak with synthetic..?

Jason, where do you live?  A lot of the issue regarding which weight to
choose depends on temperature in your area.  Living in the Kansas City
area I usually use Valvoline Durablend 10w30 in the summer and 5w30 in
the winter.  If you are in a different climate you may want to adjust the
range on the cold-start side of the oil weight up or down.  IMHO I'd stay
away from anything over 30.
My choice of Valvoline Durablend is basically a $$-driven compromise.  I
believe that it gives me more high temperature protection.  I do change
my own oil (and some other folks' oil as well) but I have just not been
able to rationalize paying 2, 3, or more times more for the sythetic; I
think the issue about the leaks is over blown, particularly in the face
of the acknoweldged benefits of synthetics:  better lubrication and
greater temperature management.

Part of that is I almost always get to 3,000 way before I get to 3
months.   How much do you drive?  Do you usually get to 3 months or 3,000
miles first?  If you are driving your TC less than I do you might be able
to go synthetic with less economic impact. 


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