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[89 Svo] 87 tbird running hot

These cars have different turbos and ARE on the turbo most of the time.

The tmep ready will go high and then come back down if the head is cracked.
 I wouldn;t woory about it unless it's overheating though.


> From: Ralph Linares <SVOFAN1@classic.msn.com>
> To: svo@smartworx.com
> Subject: [88 Svo] 87 tbird running hot
> Date: Wednesday, October 08, 1997 8:49 PM
> Besides my 85 SVO, I bought an 87 TBIRD...great car...I need some
> anyone had this problem...car seems to use the turbo all the time...also
> noticed that temp gauge bounces up and down..and I am not sure but I
> that the fan goes most of the time.
> I changed the thermostat, water pump and the radiator was changed about 8

> months ago...any  recommendations will be appreciated...Thank you all