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[2 Svo] oil type revisted..

Put oil in it.
Any kind you want.
Keep oil in it.

The thump is probably the saddle bushings for the front sway bar as you


> From: Jason Kuttner <cdrmaster@hotmail.com>
> To: svo@smartworx.com
> Subject: [1 Svo] oil type revisted..
> Date: Thursday, October 09, 1997 12:07 AM
> Hi all, sorry to ask again, I didn't get much response from the 1st 
> post.. I'm getting ready to change the oil on my recently purchased 87 
> Turbo coupe, and I was looking for oil type suggestions..
> 5w30? 10w30? synthetic or semi-synthetic or just plain oil? I'm worried 
> with high miles, the motor will leak with synthetic..?
> did anyone ever have to change the water hoses to the oil cooler on 
> these car? it looks like you'd almost have to take the motor out..
> Lastly, I have an unbelievable thumping under the front end of the car 
> when I run over the slightest bumps.. I thought it was the struts, but 
> they are less than a year old, could the front swaybar be making this 
> constant 'thud'? you can feel it throughout the whole car, it's 
> definately in the front.. any ideas?
> thanks for all hints and tips..
> jason k.
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