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[1 Svo] Old Magazine Articles

	I was going through some of my old "car crap" in the
filing cabinet the other night and found some interesting old
MM&FF and SF articles on the SVO.  The MM&FF article was from
May of 93 and listed some interesting specs such as the
transmission ratios for the different years, production numbers,
and a few other specs.  I won't bother listing it all, since it's
all common knowledge or available other places, but I am making
a new web page and I'll put it all there.
	This same issue had an article on Mike Abbey's car which
is pretty interesting.  They traced his evolution from 14s to
12s, and I thought it would be worth sharing.

ET/MPH/60'		Mods

14.30/100/2.20		Ported out his air meter (probably no benefit)
			3" into 2 2.5" exhaust
			19psi boost
			Unported SVO head with supplied cam
			M&H street stickies w/skinnies on the front,
				both on Convo pros.
			All else stock.

	* The interesting thing here is that his 60' time kind of
	* sucks for having good tires on.  The 100mph is good, though.
	* At first I interpreted the head/cam thing to mean stock, but
	*	I think they meant he bought some kind of aftermarket
	* 	one from SVO Motorsport...

13.48/102/1.90		Installed stock location Spearco I/C with fan
			Added fifth fuel injector at I/C outlet
			Motorsport roller cam (.420,272/284)
			HKS boost controller set to 23 psi on stock turbo
			Ported intake

	* Maybe the air wasn't as good for this run, but a 2mph gain
	* for all that stuff isn't very good.  It would appear to me 
	* that the I/C helped, but the new fuel injector arrangement (?!)
	* and cam and extra boost basically did nothing, as we would
	* expect knowing what we know now.  He was just tryin' stuff...
	* The BIG gain was that he figured out his takeoff strategy!

13.06/103/1.90		Ported exhaust, high flow turbo.
			Aluminum driveshaft and Liberty gears (now powershifts)

	* Not much gain here either, I'm mystified as to how you gain
	* 4 tenths with only gaining one mph and an identical 60' time.
	* Maybe one of the numbers is wrong somewhere...I suspect the
	* 60' time was actually a little lower for this run.

12.66/106/1.58		Slicks, good air, no other changes.

* All times recorded with 5200rpm launch and 6000rpm shifts.

In hindsight he probably could have done just as well with the exhaust, head,
Engle cam, I/C, turbo, and wheels/slicks, and never touched the air
meter, fuel system, roller cam, or electronic boost control.

This information was current as of the end of the 92 season.  His plans
were to go with a 3 liter stroker setup for 93.  If he had stuck with
the stock fuel system through the writing of this article, he would
have had to do something about it before adding any more power.