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[1 Svo] One more old magazine article...

	This article was in Super Ford in April 1991.
J. Bittle American (JBA) was trying to develop kits
for the SVO and were experimenting with cams.  The
first item of interest was that they were having a
VERY hard time getting them to live.  They said at
first that they were destroying more than half of
them, and by the end they got it down to where only
about one out of seven installations would fail and
wipe the lobes.  The only advice they had was to use
lots of lube paste on assembly and make sure the
engine starts right away so you can run it above 2K rpm.
	The first cam they tried for the article was
the "small Engle", I think they meant the 55.  They
liked it, but ended up retarding it four degrees.  That
took them from a baseline of 15.17@92 to 14.36@97.  This
was with also removing the catalytic convertors at the
same time as the cam install.
	Then they tried the SVO head with a "mild" cam
(milder than the Engle) and it made about the same power
as the Engle in the stock head.
	Then they ported the SVO head, and put the
Motosport roller cam on.  It kind of sucked, but make
boost really quickly.  Maybe that's why Mike Abbey's
takeoffs got so much better when he installed it ;-).
	Then they put in the "big Engle" (I assume the
65?), 3" exhaust and turned up the boost a little and
it did a 13.54@104.  Unfortunately, with this cam the
fuel mileage went down to 12 mpg, but they later
discovered that if they kept if below 3K rpm, the
computer stayed in closed loop and the mileage was

* Their conclusions were that for street use they'd use
	the "small" Engle, and that anything over 18 psi
	was a waste of time on the stock turbo.  At the
	time they would sell you a ported SVO head with
	the Engle installed in it for under $800...