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[5 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Mike Fleming wrote:

> Scott Shidel... wrote:
> > So....to get to the bottom line..:)
> > Would having the TPS set too high mess up the EEC to the point of
> > running on the lean side?  
> No. VAF and oxygen sensor system control rich/lean - not the TPS. TPS
> can only add a slight correction factor - except for the WOT over-rich
> commands. Timing is more affected by the TPS setting - and of course the
> idle speed threshold.
Ok..so would it make the timing tables too agreesive for the given
Reason I am asking is a freind of mine from the list here asked about his
Xr pinging under load lately.  It happens when it is in like 2nd or 3rd at
low rpm under load(ie gettin on it).  I rode in it with the KS hooked up,
and it would knock like 2x and go away, but with the KS disconnected, it
would knock like 8 times or so according to him.  He also sets his TPS on
the high side..Wondering if that could be a problem. he does have a good
intercooler BTW.  Also has a superchip..maybe if the TPS voltage makes it
a *bit* more likely to ping, and the chip does a little too, coupled
together maybe its enuff to actually make it knock.

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