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[1 Svo] Porting the intakes

> > 13.48/102/1.90        Installed stock location Spearco I/C with fan
> > 			Added fifth fuel injector at I/C outlet
> > 			Motorsport roller cam (.420,272/284)
> > 			HKS boost controller set to 23 psi on stock turbo
> > 			Ported intake
> > 
> > 	* Maybe the air wasn't as good for this run, but a 2mph gain
> > 	* for all that stuff isn't very good.  It would appear to me 
> > 	* that the I/C helped, but the new fuel injector arrangement (?!)
> > 	* and cam and extra boost basically did nothing, as we would
> > 	* expect knowing what we know now.  He was just tryin' stuff...
> > 	* The BIG gain was that he figured out his takeoff strategy!
> > 
> Yep...I wouldn't be suprised if porting his intake hurt him, but the
> other mods evened it out.  Then learning how to drive got his ET where it
> should.  Cory, can you share your experiances on opening up the intake?

Yeah, my advice is don't do it...I figured it be worth a try gutting out
the upper intake and porting the lower to allow for a larger shared plenum
volume. The result was a motor which couldn't spin the tires with full
boost from the line, but would rocket from 5500 - 6200...too high for a
stock rev-limited car.