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Hi Ron 
   What do you think is outta line? be specific.
Do you still want the steering wheel?
I`ve spent months researching prices
everyday! I don`t claim to be an expert
and would welcome constructive coversation
about pricing. I try to beat most (if not all) shops
selling svo parts, In fact I sell to them! Some parts are very expensive
Why? cause If I can`t
find a particular part beating the bushes every
day the way I do, then the price goes up...
supply & demand.

Not to sound harsh but there`s no shortage 
of buyers.   I`m glad we can have a dialog
about this stuff cause It seems like most of us
aren`t sure what to charge, but some figure
They only made 9,000 of these svo`s so I`ll
be outragious with pricing! Most way worse than me! (Can give many
examples)                   Thanks!    Tim