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I'm not slamming either of the authors of the subsequent posts after Tim
posted parts for sale.  

But I do want this to be perfectly clear.  It's going in the Welcome
message and the FAQ too.

I don't want to hear anything, ever again, about ANYBODY'S PRICES, for

You don't like it, don't buy it.  This principle works.  Look at Walmart,
and then at KMart.  Look at coffee, the shit is TEN bucks a can!  I'm
buying 10 cans the next time it's under $6 a can!

I didn't put this server up, so people could piss and moan.  So don't.

Share things you've found out, share racing stories, FIND parts you need,
ask for advice on modifications, but I will not put up with any more posts,
about "the price of tea in China".  Email your friends and talk to them
about it, but don't put it here.

And keep replies to Tim, about buying those parts, off of the list too.

And Edit your replies!

I'm gonna go get a beer....
SVO List Owner, in case you're new...