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[2 Svo] Porting the intakes

>> > 	(installed)	Motorsport roller cam (.420,272/284)

I believe that this is the A237 cam which is said to not help the turbo
engines.  Nick told me that this cam was not designed for Turbo
applications even though the FMS book said that is what it is for.  I would
bet the cam took away some of the power but the Spearco IC made up the
difference.  I have heard the the "little??" Engle 55 bumps up the ending
quarter mile speed by 4 mph.  Nice gain for only a cam. Dave your thoughts? 

>> Yep...I wouldn't be suprised if porting his intake hurt him, but the
>> other mods evened it out.  Then learning how to drive got his ET where it
>> should.  Cory, can you share your experiances on opening up the intake?

I would think that over porting the intake is a bad thing.  Perhaps just
match porting the intake the head helps enough.  Porting the exhaust
manifold I think would produce better results from faster turbo spool.

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)