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[2 Svo] One more old magazine article...

Carl Morris wrote:
> All,
>         This article was in Super Ford in April 1991.
> J. Bittle American (JBA) was trying to develop kits
> for the SVO and were experimenting with cams.  The
> first item of interest was that they were having a
> VERY hard time getting them to live.  They said at
> first that they were destroying more than half of
> them, and by the end they got it down to where only
> about one out of seven installations would fail and
> wipe the lobes.  

Obviously not a good place to ever take your car. I haven't seen that
many cam lobe failures all combined and I've worked on hundreds of 2.3L
Turbo's and changed cams at least a hundred times.

-Mike Fleming
Technical Director
SVO Owners Association
Tucson, AZ