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If you don't want me to haggle about prices I won't.  But you message is rediculous.  If you want to make a point, say it and leave out the attitude.  It's the first time I've made ANY kind of comment regarding this topic.  I've met David and I like sharing info with him.  However I feel strongly about this topic.  Like most SVO owners I've met I'm not a millionare.  I bought one becouse I fell in love with it.  It gets driven and parts wear out.  I know a little about Dave's situation and I can appreciate it.  And it's becouse of it that I'd think he would understand how hard it is for some of us to afford this stuff.
I really appreciate what you've done with the list.  Just chill out.  If you don't want me on it I will unsubscribe, of couse I'm sure you could do it for me.