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[5 Svo] Old Magazine Articles

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Ronald Larsen wrote:

> Does anybody powershift there cars?  I've seen some examples of what it does to 5.0 cars.  Would this not have the same effect on 2.3's?

Well, its frankly no big deal.  The most important part of powershifting
theses things is knowing how to shift(not smacking the gate on the 2-3
shift), and getting a real Hurst or Pro 5.0 or B&M Ripper shifter. Unlike
the stock shifter, they have stops on them.  These stops limit the throw
of the shifter to its bare minimum, which keeps the stress at the end of
the throw off of the forks.  Most blown T5's arew from broken forks.
I even experianced this.  I blew my first tranny in the pinto in TWO
months!  I got another, and within a few weeks of putting it in I found a
Hurst on a car int eh junkyard. i put that shifter on, and thats been over
a year and a half of powershifts ago:)  Same tranny.

->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
->86 Escort..A/C, tinted windows, Alloy wheels, 5 speed, good shape 
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