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[7 Svo] How to adjust Throttle Body

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Mike Fleming wrote:
> He needs to get higher octane and check to see that there's enough EGR
> flow (which effects how fast you can get to full throttle - a different
> story)and keep the KS conencted (and/or reduce boost pressure).
well, its jus that its a sudden thing.  The car hasn't been screwed with
for over a few months, and thgis jus started happening.  he already runs
93 octane, and whats EGR flow have to do with it?  Having it totally
blocked off shouldnt affect its tendency tyo ping, especially being the
EGR is closed under boost anyhow.  Also, keeping the KS on and the boost
low is a bandaid IMO, kinda makes ya say "whats the point in modding it"
If the car stock runs about 16-17 psi, with the intercooler it should run
19 without a prob.  Especially being as it never had a prob b4.

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