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[3 Svo] One more old magazine article...

JBA sold two Engle camshafts for the 2.3 turbo. The street camshaft was the
65 grind, a very good camshaft for the street 2.3 turbo. The problem was it
was very noisey and sometimes the knock sensor would pick up valve noise as
knock. Engle later changed the specs to what they now call the 55 grind. I do
not know the part number of the big camshaft, but I do remember it being
around .500 valve lift. I think it was Doug at JBA who told me that if I run
this camshaft I should pop off my valve every now and then to check the
camshaft for worn lobes. This camshaft was used for topend power only. Most
2.3 camshafts fail because of two things. One they are not broke in right.
Two the valve train is not set up right, wrong spring load or valve tip
height is off. This is why we went to our  roller camshaft. They never fail
and they make great power.